Oasthi Vikata

Elephant man, but for real


Young Oasthi was of a Loxodon clan, where many of his fellow half-elephant/half-human villagers lived in harmony. One day he awoke to his village being ransacked by mages. These evil mages, who harvest fine ivory from the tusks of the peaceful Loxodon, burned his house to the ground, a pillar falling on Oasthi’s tusk and breaking in half.

After the assault, Oasthi rose from the debris of his shack and began to wander. He honed self-defense skills through the years by studying the textual remnants in the temples of the psionic order that used to inhabit the lands. With careful practice and meditation, he taught himself how to harness his drive into psionic power.

He now lives to uphold order, equity, and balance in the world, a balance that he believes arcane magic upsets as it impedes a being’s true wisdom to blossom.

Oasthi Vikata

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